Shooting in Auto?

Learn how to shoot gorgeous, bright and airy photographs using your DSLR's manual mode, then spend time editing in Adobe Lightroom.


Want to learn how to use that DSLR you've had for ages but use in the Auto setting? We have created a course that will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to take beautiful photographs that you can be proud of. We want you to leave feeling excited to go home and practice what you have learned, as past participants have done. You already have an amazing camera - why not learn how to use it and take special pictures that will last you a lifetime?



What's Included:

  • Technical review of manual mode settings - including a detailed PDF of settings I use, tips on aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc. 
  • Practice shooting - we will shoot indoors and outside, then return to our computers to upload and edit the photos together in Lightroom.
  • Lightroom basics - we will go over how to flag favorites, different editing settings, and how to export and organize photos effectively. 
  • My Lightroom preset ($40 value)


  • Lightroom Classic already downloaded - not CC (purchase here:
  • Download my Lightroom preset, which will be emailed to you after you signup for the class


  • Our house in the Memorial Area of Houston - address to be sent once signed up!

Referral Program:

  • Already take the class and tell all of your friends and family about it? If you refer a friend, we will give you back $20 from the price of the original class! So tell anyone that you think would enjoy this class and make sure they mention your name when they signup for the next round of classes. 

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Participants' Photos

Participant Praise

I have tried SO MANY TIMES to sit down and take an online photography course. From simple “iPhone tips and tricks” to full-on DSLR classes. None of them have clicked with me, like this class, taught by Ailee. Her cheat sheet of manual settings was so clear. The order in which she taught us the importance of each part of the equation finally gave me that lightbulb moment on how to balance the light meter for the first time and get the perfect exposure. We practiced on stationary objects (in our case, donuts) in front of a colorful background indoors, and then took our skillset outdoors to try some portraits. Though it took some time and patience for me to get the right setting each time, Ailee reminded us that even professionals take a few minutes to assess the light conditions before they start shooting, and we would become quicker with practice, which was true. We then touched on some Lightroom basics to help us color correct shots we were happy with.

My favorite part of the class was learning, for the first time, how to get an accurately exposed picture indoors. All my indoor pictures are usually lit with overhead lights and are therefore orange and unattractive. They are almost always taken with an iPhone, with horrible shadows. But I didn’t know how to make that light, bright look happen that I see in so many blogs and Instagram posts. With one short course from Ailee, I was able to shoot all sorts of things indoors, from cakes to decor, with accurate exposure and no orange tint, or worse, ugly straight-on flash. As quickly as that afternoon, I was shooting photographs that I was proud of. I would recommend this class to anyone who has been perplexed and overwhelmed by shooting in manual mode. Ailee breaks it down into such small and digestible information that even the most basic of us can understand. If you have a DSLR sitting at home, set to Auto, this class is for you!
— Monica E.
Ailee is not only an exceptional photographer, but also a skilled and patient teacher! Having quality photos of my family and children has always been important to me but after buying a nice camera, I never really took the time to learn how to use it properly. Going into the course I knew just a few basic skills—and often found that I struggled to get the lighting or photo clarity that I wanted. Ailee’s class opened my eyes to a whole new world of photography! From ISO, to aperture, to the basics of using Lightroom—I left feeling so eager and excited to practice my new skills and try out everything I had learned.
— Kristen C.